Artist Statement

"Be moved by wind in your sail and art in your life" ~ BONITA LESLIE


A sailboat consists of three sail types; the mainsail, the headsail, and the spinnaker, all made of canvas but unique in purpose. All three sails are strong and powerful, essential in propelling the sailboat with grace and confidence, even through the most challenging waters; toward its destination. Much like the sailboat, I rely on my canvas to move forward on life's journey.

We begin to learn from the moment we are born until the moment we die and truth be known, I'm not convinced it ends there. I believe, life is very much like a ride on the ocean; some waves are extremely high and some extremely low with some just coasting along between the swells. Influenced by the force of nature and formed by the wind, each wave is unique offering a different learning experience. Being propelled by the wind of transformative learning, I compare myself to a sailboat as my sails are blown and guided along my journey as an artist, a teacher and life-long learner.

My art is representational but my interpretation is stylized in the way I choose to express my experience. After all, we perceive each moment differently, even if we are sharing the same moment. My intention as an artist is to provoke an emotional response designed to stimulate the senses and provide a deeper understanding of the subject in hopes to create a lasting impression.

I begin my paintings and drawings with conceptual studies of colour, movement and emotional aspects of my ideas. Along with these abstract designs, I use photographs of which some I personally have taken and combine them with images I have collected over the years as references for the final piece. My usual choice of medium is either acrylic paint on canvas, or chalk pastel on fabriano paper. However, sometimes I use a combination of ink, acrylic, and oil paint for mixed media pieces. These are large, vibrant, energetic paintings and drawings which are suitable for any contemporary space.

My inspiration is the exchange of energy between forces. Whether it's the human force, the spiritual force, or the force of nature, the dependence on that exchange is powerful, for which I am grateful. I have learned to keep my sails full as I do not want to miss the ride, no matter how rough the water gets.